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Ellen Wille Hair Pieces and Extensions

Power Pieces - Hair pieces and hair extensions designed in Europe by the award winning designer Ellen Wille. These hair pieces and extensions are outrageously beautiful and simple to use. Add an exciting bang or create stunning, long, voluminous hair in seconds... just clip-in for a superbly realistic new look!

Transform your look in an instant with this extensive selection of Ellen Wille Power Pieces. If you are thinking of hair pieces to change your style, then take a look at this fabulous collection of Scrunchies, Wigs For Women, Ponytails and Buns plus lots more stunning styles. Every preference has been catered for with a wide range of Butterfly attachments, Crocodile Clips, Drawstrings and Three Quarter Styles. Sit back and browse this extensive range of hair pieces by Ellen Wille and you'll find the perfect hair piece for your every need!

NOTE: Due to a large inventory, if the colour selected is not in stock we will notify you and estimated delivery time is 5-7 business days.

Just Nature - Hair Piece Just - Hair Piece Effect - Hair Piece Colada - Head Band
Just - Hair Piece
Price $299.95
Effect - Hair Piece
Price $389.95
Colada - Head Band
Price $139.95
Hair In - Wigs For Women Lemon - Fringe Hair Piece Close - Hair Piece Ouzo - Hair Wrap
Close - Hair Piece
Price $399.95
Ouzo - Hair Wrap
Price $69.95
Quick In - Wigs For Women Wodka - Wigs For Women Spumante - Ponytail Hair Piece Wine - Ponytail Hair Piece
Braid Band - Head Band Gin - Hair Wrap Soda - Hair Wrap Brandy - Ponytail Hair Piece
Gin - Hair Wrap
Price $59.95
Soda - Hair Wrap
Price $79.95
Aqua - Ponytail Hair Piece Tequila - Ponytail Hair Piece Mojito - Ponytail Hair Piece Tonic - Ponytail Hair Piece
Juice - Ponytail Hair Piece Rum - Hair Wrap Sangria - Ponytail Hair Piece Grog - Hair Wrap
Rum - Hair Wrap
Price $69.95
Grog - Hair Wrap
Price $59.95
Pinot - Hair Wrap Tricky - Ponytail Hair Piece Champagne - Ponytail Hair Piece Frappe - Hair Wrap
Pinot - Hair Wrap
Price $79.95
Sherry - Hair Wrap Pastis - Ponytail Hair Piece Pixy - Ponytail Hair Piece
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