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Envy Hair Wigs

Envy Hair Wigs by Envy... heat set, curl, straighten, brush and comb to create a finished style all your own. The beauty of Envy Hair is that it looks, feels, acts - and styles - just like 100% human hair. As with all Envy Wigs, they are natural and functional for women of all ages.

Exclusively from Envy, this unique blend of 70% heat friendly fiber and 30% human hair far exceeds other heat friendly styles with built-in moisture control properties that withstand temperatures up to 180° Celsius. Every silky strand of this human hair blend is hand tied into the softest, lightest head-hugging cap material for a cool, comfortable fit on even the most sensitive scalp.

NOTE: Due to a large inventory, if the colour selected is not in stock we will notify you and estimated delivery time is 5-7 business days.

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Veronica - Envy Wigs Veronica -- Envy
Price $1,399.95
Abbey - Envy Wigs Abbey -- Envy
Price $724.95
Chelsea - Envy Wigs Chelsea -- Envy
Price $1,129.95
Shyla - Envy Wigs Shyla -- Envy
Price $724.95
Destiny - Envy Wigs Destiny -- Envy
Price $789.95
Taryn - Envy Wigs Taryn -- Envy
Price $744.95
Grace - Envy Wigs Grace -- Envy
Price $824.95
Macey - Envy Wigs Macey -- Envy
Price $724.95
Dena - Envy Wigs Dena -- Envy
Price $799.95
Lynsey - Envy Wigs Lynsey -- Envy
Price $594.95
Kylie - Envy Wigs Kylie -- Envy
Price $674.95
Danielle - Envy Wigs Danielle -- Envy
Price $594.95
Aubrey - Envy Wigs Aubrey -- Envy
Price $644.95
Heather - Envy Wigs Heather -- Envy
Price $624.95