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Envy - Latest Styles

Envy Latest Styles

The latest set of contemporary styles has arrived from Alan Eaton, Envy’s founder and designer. These new wig styles from Envy come in an array of salon inspired looks that are designed for today's fashion conscious woman.

From short and spunky to long and glamorous, these new wigs have a finger on the pulse of the latest hairstyle trends (while still retaining a classic, timeless appeal, of course). Say hello to the newest ladies!

NOTE: Due to a large inventory, if the colour selected is not in stock we will notify you and estimated delivery time is 5-7 business days.

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Ava | Envy Wigs Ava -- Envy
Price $549.95
Whitney | Envy Wigs Whitney -- Envy
Price $479.95
Tandi | Envy Wigs Tandi -- Envy
Price $489.95
Flame | Envy Wigs Flame -- Envy
Price $499.95
Aria | Envy Wigs Aria -- Envy
Price $414.95
Fiona | Envy Wigs Fiona -- Envy
Price $429.95
Yuri | Envy Wigs Yuri -- Envy
Price $549.95
Olivia | Envy Wigs Olivia -- Envy
Price $414.95
Selena | Envy Wigs Selena -- Envy
Price $519.95
Ophelia | Envy Wigs Ophelia -- Envy
Price $414.95