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Envy - Latest Styles

Envy Latest Styles

The latest set of contemporary styles has arrived from Alan Eaton, Envy’s founder and designer. These new wig styles from Envy come in an array of salon inspired looks that are designed for today's fashion conscious woman.

This is a new collection of wigs designed especially with the environment, beauty, and natural looks in mind. Alan created a name for himself as the master designer behind two of the brands, Revlon and Tressallure. With Envy Wigs, he has focused his creative genius to create a variety of stunning, new styles that are made with the highest grade materials and feature cutting-edge wig technology.

NOTE: Due to a large inventory, if the colour selected is not in stock we will notify you and estimated delivery time is 5-7 business days.

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Kelsey | Envy Wigs Kelsey -- Envy
Price $239.95
Dakota | Envy Wigs Dakota -- Envy
Price $294.95
Harper | Envy Wigs Harper -- Envy
Price $314.95
Maya | Envy Wigs Maya -- Envy
Price $364.95
Zoey | Envy Wigs Zoey -- Envy
Price $994.95
Bianca | Envy Wigs Bianca -- Envy
Price $239.95
Coti | Envy Wigs Coti -- Envy
Price $789.95
Kenya | Envy Wigs Kenya -- Envy
Price $249.95
Sabrina | Envy Wigs Sabrina -- Envy
Price $694.95