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Envy - Monofilament Wigs

Envy Monofilament Wigs

Mono Top Wigs by Envy... this monofilament wig collection can be parted on the left, the right or down the middle whilst never revealing anything but great style! As with all Envy Wigs, these styles are the cutting edge in fashion and are functional for women of all ages.

The secret is in the quality construction. Every style is designed to appear as your natural scalp with the monofilament base construction. Each strand of fiber is hand-tied to simulate natural hair growth whilst wispy bits of fringe framing the hairline allow you to comb the hair toward or away from the face while keeping a realistic silhouette. Of course, Envy always has your comfort in mind. Each ultra-lightweight style features wefted sides and back for the most comfortable fit possible while allowing a breathable open cap feel to each style.

NOTE: Due to a large inventory, if the colour selected is not in stock we will notify you and estimated delivery time is 5-7 business days.

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Madison | Envy Wigs Madison -- Envy
Price $334.95
Kitana | Envy Wigs Kitana -- Envy
Price $359.95
Jasmine | Envy Wigs Jasmine -- Envy
Price $369.95
Carley | Envy Wigs Carley -- Envy
Price $369.95
Gigi | Envy Wigs Gigi -- Envy
Price $349.95
Celeste | Envy Wigs Celeste -- Envy
Price $389.95
Genny | Envy Wigs Genny -- Envy
Price $379.95
Haley | Envy Wigs Haley -- Envy
Price $369.95
Megan | Envy Wigs Megan -- Envy
Price $374.95
Jo Anne | Envy Wigs Jo Anne -- Envy
Price $339.95
Tamara | Envy Wigs Tamara -- Envy
Price $369.95
Savannah | Envy Wigs Savannah -- Envy
Price $374.95
Kellie | Envy Wigs Kellie -- Envy
Price $369.95
Marita | Envy Wigs Marita -- Envy
Price $369.95