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For great hair every day, choose Hairdo. All Hairdo wigs are ready-to-wear, and the hair pieces and extensions are a snap to wear. These runway inspired looks are perfect for any occasion and everywhere!

Hairdo continues to set the standard for alternative hair fashion with red carpet, ready-to-wear wigs, hair extensions and hair pieces. Simple, quick and virtually undetectable these products are the perfect go-to item for the celebrity and housewife alike! Hollywood's hottest hairdresser, Hairdo stylist Ken Paves, is a master at his craft.

Hairdo helps women around the world achieve flawless hair that is effortless and affordable. Every woman can now enjoy star-quality hair, so discover the many options Hairdo offers with clip-in extensions, ponytails, wraps, wigs and more. Dare to do it today!

NOTE: Due to a large inventory, if the colour selected is not in stock we will notify you and estimated delivery time is 5-7 business days.

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20" Invisible Hair Extension 20" Human Wigs For Women - 10pc Set Wave Cut - Hairdo Lilac Frost - Hairdo
Wave Cut - Hairdo
Price $174.95
Modern Flip - Hairdo 16" Remy Human Wigs For Women - 5pc Set Spiky Clip - Hair Piece Human Hair Pony - Hair Piece
Soft Waves - Hairdo Whiteout - Hairdo Angled Cut - Hairdo 18" Remy Human Wigs For Women - 10pc Set
Soft Waves - Hairdo
Price $174.95
Whiteout - Hairdo
Price $174.95
Angled Cut - Hairdo
Price $174.95
Long Wave Pony - Hair Piece Classic Page - Hairdo Style-A-Do / Mini-Do - Hair Piece Colour Splash Pony / Pink - Hair Piece
Textured Cut - Hairdo 16" Straight Clip in Wigs For Women - 8pc Set Simply Straight Pony - Hair Piece Modern Chignon - Hair Piece
Long with Layers - Hairdo 22" Straight Hair Extension Simply Wavy Pony - Hair Piece Colour Splash Pony / Light Green - Hair Piece
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