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Open Cap Wigs

Jon Renau Open Cap Wigs

Utilising breakthrough wig making methods, the O’solite open cap wig collection offers the lightest, most comfortable wigs on the market. Wigs in this exclusive line weigh up to 50% less than traditional wigs by the use of lighter materials and machine back open cap construction which is also referred to as 'capless'.

O’solite open cap wigs achieve amazingly natural lift and movement. They are as soft and manageable as real hair, with enough body and memory to retain their shape right out of the box, every time. The open cap construction allows superior ventilation to keep your scalp cool. This design also reduces the cap weight of each wig, for a more secure fit.

NOTE: Due to a large inventory, if the colour selected is not in stock we will notify you and estimated delivery time is 5-7 business days.

Jazz - Jon Renau Angelique - Jon Renau Chelsea - Jon Renau Natalie Petite - Jon Renau
Jazz - Jon Renau
Price $179.95
Chelsea - Jon Renau
Price $199.95
Natalie - Jon Renau Elite - Jon Renau Blair - Jon Renau Angelique Large - Jon Renau
Natalie - Jon Renau
Price $179.95
Elite - Jon Renau
Price $189.95
Blair - Jon Renau
Price $189.95
Kris - Jon Renau Bree - Jon Renau Sheena - Jon Renau Jazz Petite - Jon Renau
Kris - Jon Renau
Price $179.95
Bree - Jon Renau
Price $199.95
Sheena - Jon Renau
Price $179.95
Lily - Jon Renau Gaby - Jon Renau Bree Petite - Jon Renau Lily Petite - Jon Renau
Lily - Jon Renau
Price $179.95
Gaby - Jon Renau
Price $189.95
Sheena Petite - Jon Renau Gwen - Jon Renau
Gwen - Jon Renau
Price $189.95
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